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Pavel Achalov

Founder CEO

My office is engaged in the projects that produce such commercially successful product as tangible and intangible goods and services. The priority projects are the ones in the areas of finance, real estate, high-tech manufacturing, IT, medicine and raw material processing.

Investment project promotion

The promotion of an investment project or an investment application for the purpose of fund raising and a subsequent successful implementation de facto starts from the pre-analysis. Once your project is received to me for work, it comes into the general information field of my partners. The project received for work is automatically checked for the correspondence with the existing investment applications and wishes of the investors holding the active position and being in search of investment facilities.

Moreover, each of our partners has his own circle of those customers who wish to invest in some of other projects and manifest their interest in some business areas. Such information is contained in the Investment Applications section. At this stage, the information exchange and the identification of a potential circle of the interested persons take place. The subsequent project reworking allows for a deeper assessment of the compliance of the potential investors’expectations and wishes with the project capabilities.

As a rule, this is the stage where the prospects on the project fundability from the inside circle of my customers and my partners’ customers become obvious. At this stage, we may talk of the project adjustment options and the project originator’s and the potential investor’s interest approximation.

The second key feature of my office work on fund raising is in a proper reworking and preparation of an investment project for its successful positioning in the market. The project is prepared in a way to be perceived positively by the specialized investors and their advisers.

For the successful investment project/investment application promotion and positioning in the market, a full set of the actions is arranged:

  • A proper documentary reworking and preparation of the investment projects in compliance with the present-day international investment market requirements;
  • Placement of a corresponding information at my website and my partners’ websites;
  • Project/application placement and promotion at the international investment portals;
  • Monitoring of the relevant investment applications for compliance with the offered project parameters and criteria and vice versa;
  • Direct notification of the specialized/profiled (interested in investment in the certain industries) investors and their consultants of the new project/application;
  • Project/application information exchange with those international consulting and legal firms rendering services in the investment market, as well as with banks, consultants and businesses – family office;
  • Project/application positioning during the participation in professional events (conferences, exhibitions, etc.);
  • Project/application positioning at the specialized (by industries) professional events (exhibitions, conferences, etc.).

You can choose the following:

  • The passive strategy – the project/application promotion by the head office of the consortium and its members to the extent of their everyday activity, the interaction with the actually interested customers, the use of the current electronic resources and portals;
  • The active strategy – the project/application promotion through an active work with the specialized investors, the active project data exchange with other professional investment market participants and family market, the project positioning at the professional and specialized events (conferences, exhibitions, etc.), the use of the advertising opportunities, PR and GR.
My work as a consultant, accompanying this or that project is focused on the final result – the return of investments and further profit generation. Each step and action are aimed at the effective implementation of each project and its development.
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