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Pavel Achalov

Founder CEO

My office is engaged in the projects that produce such commercially successful product as tangible and intangible goods and services. The priority projects are the ones in the areas of finance, real estate, high-tech manufacturing, IT, medicine and raw material processing.

Project adjustment

Adjustment in the Course of the Project Preparation

It quite often happens that during a detailed project preparation with the involvement of independent experts some circumstances and conditions are revealed which were not taken into account before and which to a large extent affect the successful project implementation, in general. At this stage, I am used to practice a preparation of some offers and recommendations to the project originator or investor (whoever is our customer), based on the expert data, the implementation and introduction of which will allow for effectuating investment and implementing the project to maximum effect.

In which form and to which extent to follow my recommendations is decided by the parties to the investment project.

Adjustment in the Course of Compliance with the Parties’ Interests

My purpose is to find a compromise formula to satisfy both parties to the investment process (the project originator and the future investor) in order to achieve the ultimate target – to implement the project successfully.

The other outstanding feature of the investment process is the mismatch of the parties’ (the originator’s and the investor’s) requirements and possibilities. I face a similar task – to make the project adjustment in accordance with the parties’requirements and possibilities, as well as to model a further prospect for the project implementation. There is often the parties’requirement and wish adjustment at this stage, but there must be the only result – the parties’interest unification, the investment agreement conclusion and the successful project implementation.

Adjustment in the Course of Change in Market Conditions

And, finally, the overall, but not less significant constituent of an investment project is the necessity for its adjustment based on the changed conditions of the market environment and an analysis of the history of such changes. My office experts have sufficient professional skills and opportunities for monitoring and forecasting any critical change in a market environment the project will develop in. This type of work can be performed both separately, when developing the project and preparing an investment agreement, and within the work on the project monitoring at all stages.

My work as a consultant, accompanying this or that project is focused on the final result – the return of investments and further profit generation. Each step and action are aimed at the effective implementation of each project and its development.
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