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Investment projects

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Pavel Achalov

Founder CEO

My office is engaged in the projects that produce such commercially successful product as tangible and intangible goods and services. The priority projects are the ones in the areas of finance, real estate, high-tech manufacturing, IT, medicine and raw material processing.

Marketing research arrangement

Since in most cases return on investment is made at the expense of the project income receivable, an accurate and professional forecast of the forthcoming sales is also important. Such forecast can only be formed based on studying the current marketing environment and the prospects for its development. The most critical elements are the market capacity, the product competitiveness, the potential sales volumes and the product promotion technologies.

In order to obtain the ultimately realistic data and forecasts, we are used to practice the involvement of the independent professional companies for marketing research, often with a narrow focus on some or other industries. My office experts will professionally prepare any technical specifications, formulate any tasks facing the researchers, carry out control and adjust the process of conduct of any research and making of any report. Such an approach allows for a significant cutting of time and embedding a reliable data in the investment project model to which the future investor will credit.

To the extent of the marketing research arrangement my office carries out the following:

  • Making of the list of questions and technical specifications;
  • Selection of companies and specialists based on results of the competition for the research in a specific area;
  • Control and adjustment of the marketing specialists’ job;
  • Agreement upon the information acquisition sources and technology;
  • Monitoring of the data collection quality in accordance with the raised issues;
  • Processing of the analysis results for consolidation in a final unified document (business plan).
My work as a consultant, accompanying this or that project is focused on the final result – the return of investments and further profit generation. Each step and action are aimed at the effective implementation of each project and its development.
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