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Pavel Achalov

Founder CEO

My office is engaged in the projects that produce such commercially successful product as tangible and intangible goods and services. The priority projects are the ones in the areas of finance, real estate, high-tech manufacturing, IT, medicine and raw material processing.

Project financial scheme development

In fact, this procedure is a detailed development of the scheme of a forthcoming transaction in order to form its algorithm, optimize its parameters and minimize all financial, tax and legal risks for the parties.

Neither fundraising to the project, nor investment are possible without working up and agreeing upon a corresponding scenario, as well as without a pre-analysis of the risks of all elements. At that, a joint work of lawyers, financiers and auditors is required.

Theoretically, any transaction should be scheduled accurately by time, counteragents and instruments. Complex and package transactions, especially the fundraising ones, are simply impossible without a timely and strict transaction making plan execution. For example, the ignorance of the procedure of work of the transaction-involved outside structures (banks, registering and regulating authorities, etc.) may put it in jeopardy.

Moreover, in an appropriate buildup of the transaction and its legal system of contracts, a significant part of potential saving on various funding aspects which brings overall value to the transaction, is embedded. In the same link of the process, an appropriate, professionally literate involvement of financial structures in the project implementation, including such cash flow operators as banks, takes place.

In case of making a project investment transaction, my office:

  • Makes all calculations and models all scenarios of the transaction;
  • Analyzes all risks for various options of its making;
  • Based on the received information, all schemes and algorithms for making the transaction are worked up, with an allowance for all process participants and the relations created between them;
  • Based on the transaction scheme, a detailed timed action plan is worked up and agreed by all parties.

Consequently, when making the transaction, the participants carry out a joint control over compliance with the structure of the transaction and the course of its execution. In case of any unforeseen circumstances or new terms, under which the transaction is being made, all necessary adjustments are made, all joint parties’ actions are agreed and the transaction itself is brought to a close.

My work as a consultant, accompanying this or that project is focused on the final result – the return of investments and further profit generation. Each step and action are aimed at the effective implementation of each project and its development.
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