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Investment projects

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Pavel Achalov

Founder CEO

My office is engaged in the projects that produce such commercially successful product as tangible and intangible goods and services. The priority projects are the ones in the areas of finance, real estate, high-tech manufacturing, IT, medicine and raw material processing.

Business plan and financial model preparation

Both business plan and financial model are the fundamental documents in working on investment projects. My approach to business planning is a bit different from the traditional one. Due to the availability of an extended structure of the reliable partnering relationship, we are a resource in the form of a wide set of the extremely specialized companies united by the common business interest. In fact, we ‘do puzzle’ from several expert opinions and professionally combine them into a unified document to be appreciated by the international investment market.

If you need to implement an investment project and prepare an appropriate business plan for this purpose, we, at the early stage, will conduct the necessary basic research and obtain expert findings from our companies – the consortium members. Each of such research will be conducted by a core business partner with an exceptional professional experience in a specific area (marketing, commerce, construction, design, equipment manufacturing, legal support, tax consulting, etc.).

The opportunities of our professional alliance allow for obtaining expert opinions on corresponding areas, with reference to the national, legal and financial features of the project participants from multiple countries and an assumed jurisdiction of the project implementation.

Then, both the data and materials received from our partners will be consolidated into a unified document and financial model of the project to be maximum understandable and perceivable in a professional environment, where the project promotion and implementation are assumed.

The financial model as an individual application is made in the open form. This allows the parties to the process in case of examining the project, altering the key initial indices of the project, for modeling the financial result and seeing the project development prospects in case of change of some or other circumstances.

We prepare the business plan and the financial model to make each statement and prerequisite, of which the project is built, be based on a corresponding professional expert study or opinion, be provable and confirmable in the course of discussion. Such an approach allows for a successful business plan and financial model protection, for convincing the parties of the reliability of all calculations and forecasts for the project development and, as consequence, for raising the required funds and the successful project implementation with the gained profit expected by the project participants.

My work as a consultant, accompanying this or that project is focused on the final result – the return of investments and further profit generation. Each step and action are aimed at the effective implementation of each project and its development.
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